B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$

by Beedie

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With features from Sean Price, Chevy Woods, Boaz, B. White & more.


released January 19, 2016



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Beedie Pittsburgh

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Track Name: Lullaby (prod. Jay Card, Dru Tang, Beedie)
Track Name: Pittsburgh Dreamin (feat. Blacksun) (prod. V. Kush)
Verse 1 (Beedie)
Shouts to V Kush
Pittsburgh, baby. Let's do it.
Shit's real and I ain't 15 no more so I get busy.
Round the time piece flyin on the grind lookin grizzly.
And I ain't never home much, chick say she miss me
But I know she lie.
I'm tryna travel to Japan like konichiwa
My insides from all sides pullin me apart
This game is cutthroat, tell me why I need a heart?
And I ain't seen the finish yet, believe I seen the start.
Ready, mark, go.
I'll meet you there cus I ain't tryna move more slow.
It's slow motion for the last several years,
Now I'm feelin like I'm coastin.
And maybe one day, when we make it cross the ocean,
We can show it off
For now its 40 nights of pain, Noah's arc...
Look how I pack away and puff a L up
There's nothing you can tell us.
And if we under the ground, we finna bring this hell up
Pittsburgh dreamin, till I'm back to reality
The feelin's gon leave him.

Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Kush stay loud
And my swisher sweet steamin
Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Times still hard
But we made it through the season
Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Joints rolled up
And my swisher sweet steamin
Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Till we back to reality...

Verse 2 (Blacksun)
Dig it.
I spit it for no reason, just somethin to do.
Do my dirt all by my lonely, don't run with a crew.
Just me myself and I-and-I, holy trinity
Presence stay heavy in every known vicinity
Something magical
Known to take long sabbaticals,
And reappear with the ear candy type radical,
brain food, with a side of fried rice
All the haters can't front or even lie yo, I'm nice, yo
Check out my melody, son.
It's so heavenly.
Take you back to Africa like Shaft in the 70's, kid
I work hard but I can take a day off
Cause cats is dissapointin like Lebron in the playoffs
Your D can't contain me. I'm gonna get the J off
Then wink at the camera when I swish for the payoff.
Money shot. The bars that sunny got,
Could make Winnie the Pooh put down the honey pot
Like that

Track Name: Pittlandia
From the summer this all started, the wind's blowin
Got the hunger of starve artists, my ribs showin
Writin off any fraud frogs, they long gone
You fakin, tryna jump in front of me? We got a problem
I'm doin something that you should embrace and get paper
You'd rather just see me sit stationed
Find me growin grass like my lawn's long
Strip to my long johns, get the girl with the pom-pom's
Life been UGLY i been DUCKin from the bullshit, but this my SWAN song
It's in my reach - Stretch Armstrong
Seen a beautiful side of life from Mars, uh!
Like a satellite in the Plana-Arium
Rule about these hoes, we don't love em, we don't marry em
Rappers meet they funeral, no ulterior
I spit the eulogy. I'll burn em

Ring alarms and drop bombs
Been known to make a scene where they talks on
And they tip toein' with caution, watchin my every move
Last run they lost on
Took the earrings out
I'm grown so I call sellin trees errands now
Excuse my french bitch but I'm Paris bound
It's just something on my mind, had to air this out - Blow it down…
Yea. Pinecones that I'm smokin, the shape of a golf tee, the size stupid
Think you blazed?
If you come around my session I'ma buss ya head if you bring the regs, or the 50
Never catch me with the 5950
Love the fans live, when they rhyme with me
They say you tryna reign then it's gotta pour
Got me lookin to the sky like what's all this for?
Track Name: Magic Spaceship (feat. B. White & Sean Price) (prod. Git Beats)
BEEDIE (verse):
Fuck with my synopsis
I'ma cross between a monster and a rasta
On my counterculture, burnin down a pound of doja
I been around the vultures every step I travel far
And it ain't help they figured out my bad habits are
They wanna call police, please get off my balls at least
Grindin out thru all these weeks
Never fold, ain't got a crease yet
Created something outta nothing, gon increase that
And if tonight I set my goals I'm gon reach it
Underground but still I cover grounds
Castin shadows on you little leaguers
Seem it aint worth half the hassle
You in a cast, no cash flow, Broke
I bash the glass though
The breakthrough artist
Paintbrush, I'm now Picasso
And uh…
The Zag blown and the bag is gone
Kill and stash, so the lab is like the catacombs
Outer space spacious
Git diggin in the crates
You know the ghost from the basement
Overdose from the dope, it's basic…
My spaceship…
Thank you Basement Ghost
It's Beedie. Fuck wit me. Git
Track Name: Nighttime (feat. Boaz) (prod. Hot Trak Entertainment)
Well i been feelin like i missed a million chances
and broke my back from bendin while i search for answers
they say that good guys finish last why i aint finish faster?
If life an open book then tell me can i end this chapter
find a pastor or a preacher need an excorcism
aint nobody that can save me from this next decision
but if i make it i wont have to make it major,
livin like its make or break, i cant take it

This is my life
is there someone that can save me on the Life Line
cuz I think that I been blinded by the Lime Light
I guess I got here and they watch is on the Right Time
but aint nobody that can stop me when its Night Time
When it's Night Time

Laid back chillin, workin on a million
(work, work, work, work)
Laid back chillin workin on a million
Laid back chillin workin on a million
(work, work, work, work)
Laid back chillin workin on a million
Goin gainst the odds but there aint even no tellin, uh

When it all gets darker i be in my zone
Feelin like I'm home, spinnin like a cyclone (swish)
Around them hoes i got cologne for the pheromones
She need a tanner bronze, them jeans is camoflauge
Take off that padded bra, who she foolin, oo she move it
Girl I done gave the tip to ya whole boozey movement..
You bout that life, that's a facade
Doin lines off the toilet seat till she flush flaws
The highlights of the night life
A slight vice with high price
To feel like we did, when we would ride bikes
And my life was simple then
But it keep on rollin like a Michelin
New water I'm fishin in, this a win….
I guess I paid you back the pain momma
I made decisions, I aint thought that I would pay karma
Midnight marauder, my aura is foreign to ya core feelins,
The villain killin ery thing that you do and more

This is my life
is there someone that can save me on the Life Line
cuz I think that I been blinded by the Lime Light
I guess I got here and they watch is on the Right Time
but aint nobody that can stop me when its Night Time
When it's Night Time
Track Name: Dream About (California) (prod. Git Beats)
It's like the type of place I dream about
Pittsburgh to California, I'ma take the scenic route
Come see what the scene about
Until they fly me on a plane out to LA...

I know you wanna see me fallin, but you gotta see we polished
And we shine without a tarnish
By far, I've gone the farthest
But I never made it out to California,
Everyone can dream like they seen it right before ya
But if you leave today then are your peoples gonna mourn ya
Blowin out the steam while we smokin California.. wha...
Nice weather, cool breeze.
Man my city seem like the polar opposite to me...
Dreams; It's what I got.
Plus a couple shots to get to a place where I will never need no winter socks
Until they fly me on a plane out to LA, aye.
Elevated from the hell that they held me
I can brainstorm with no rain storms
I said I wanna see sunny weather southern California
PGH is where I grew up
NY is where I was born bruh
Never been on tour yet, but I can dream more
For the level of determination
And you already know I'm sick, watch me germ the nation
check out my germination.
I can grow better underneath the sun
Plus I need dry cement to concrete funds, and permanate them.
Catchin soundwaves, feel like I could surf the nation.
And end up in California
Mozart sheet music, that's where I was torn from
Shush now, hold up... I think I hear a storm comin
Track Name: Still Work (prod. Buckwild) (cuts by DJ Vex)
Picture a young me, 20 times more hungry
9 to 5 swag, was rappin but wasn't tongue deep
95 jobs in 4 years, my god
Still 86'd it
I walk to my own drumbeats
No days off, now that's real work
Homie got it 40 a quarter?
That ain't real purp
Hands with the callus, just a feature
Was beggin Buscrates for a beat when we was flippin pizzas
Me and Bill turnin wheels, it's a carpool
At the time, Carter 2 what we sparked to
Off a fresh 28, so I spark 2
Then my thoughts animate like a cartoon
On my J-O-.... bout that payroll... Since a day old.
Even back on my younger shit I done hustled play dough
Angel with no halo
Check the table of contents, I'm on the table
I know that they know...

When I was cookin up at Walnut Grille
Me and Geez spittin frees, bustin all them skills
Was 18 at the bar free, all them thrills
Man them things that we do for them dollar bills
Ayo, Cappy's was ass cheeks
Smell like they had athlete's foot inside they hamburger patties
Skippin work in the back alley
Bowl hits ferocious.
Keep it low, it's a public place so focus.
Worked with Oyo at Chipotle
Boss heard my rap CD, I'm like "no way Jose..."
Now he expect me to be late every day.
How could you blame him?
I smelled like piff every pay day.
What could I say to him
Traffic out the ass, and it's rainin.
Better of delivery drivin for the payment...
So I'm droppin off that General Tso's...
But I'm blunt cruisin and scribblin flows....

This the shit that make my villains wanna feel worse
I hurt they feelins but cut the achilles heel first
Dropped my iPhone twice but it still work
And yea I quit my old jobs but I still work
Cept I feel like I'm movin towards real worth
Fuck a dollar bill, fuck a dollar bill, word!
.... As long as we ballin,
Another thing that we don't have to worry bout it starvin.
Don't criticize if I'm hypocritical / out the margain,
I'm just chargin for my jargon
Make a livin off my art & I'm gone.
My time to shine like dawn,
Get home pissy 4 in the morn, and piss on ya lawn.
Cause I'm goin full speed
Got that paper on my back, so I'm feelin so free
Rich feathers
I been grindin heavy, still been low key.
And now ya whole neighborhood finna know me
Track Name: Tidal Waves (feat. Chevy Woods) (prod. DJ Huggy)
Well I ain't gotta tell you who the baddest
Bars constantly savage
Mind up on my cabbage
I'm tryin, feel I'm outstandin
I'm standed feet planted, back against the wall lookin candid
Uncanny skills for the deals
Long nights gimme the chills
I said before I'm gon rock it till the wheels is off
Catch a vision of me smirkin while I'm peelin off
So ill I cough boss, let my linen floss
Spit venom, my denim more raw than yall be on.
Always thinkin unconventional
Got the ideas up in the envelope
Yall just pretentious though.
I'm the business
Showin my ass, tell em to kiss this
Goin for the tip of the list, watchin em miss, miss
Seein smiles turn to frowns, lookin all across
For the sake they lost, dogs tryna break me off...

The loose cannon with the safety off
I just wanna jam, don't make me...
I think these chumps wanna take me out
Stop my shine and break me...
What you want
I'm gon push to the front
Tidal waves wanna wipe me out

Antisocial, bi-coastal
It seems I got it
For sober dreams need the chronic, oxymoronic
Keep your comments I'm just bein honest
Feel like I'm leadin all this, just call me Leonidis
It's me against the world, somethin that I been sure
Strength like my limbs curl, this life nothin insured
Car been to the impound. Not quite what I preferred
Found me with the herb and now them fuckers got my picture
....Been labeled as a pitcher.
I ain't tryna open up that door, just read the sign [DO NOT DISTURB]
Gimme the title of that wavy baby, I'll be straivy
Fight until the death if any tidal wave will take me...
Track Name: Pack My Bags (prod. ID Labs)
I packed my bags, said I gots to go
(I'm on the road...)
But I... Why I keep runnin on the obstacles?
(But I know...) I put the music on a fade away
The only thing I know that always taked the pain away
And ain't it funny that they always say there ain't a way?
We keep on runnin along
And I'm gone
And I'm gone

Verse 1:
Jump over these obstacles
Pack my bags, I'm on the road
I gots to go for my income
Lose some, I win some
Up till now I been cautious
Tryna step up the progress
Understand what the cost is
I'm tellin yall this a process
I be ridin, findin coverage
Baggage packed by my luggage
Tell em that what don't kill me, I'm stronger
I overcome it
Feelin pressure from angles,
From my head to my ankles
Feel a shock to my heart
Like I'm hooked up to jumper cables now
I got these crazy thoughts
I'm finna paint em out
I swear I paid the cost
I need no pain allowed
That's why I popped a feelin
I'm hoppin off the ceilin
That keep me high until we find these obstacles and villains
I'm just knee high but finna rise, watch me in my eyes
I said I'm goin for the prize, knowin it's my time
With all this baggage said I'm trippin
Find me on the other side from where you bitchin
My own vision. Uh!


Verse 2:
Jump over these obstacles
Travel on these rocky roads
To the bottom, I been awfully low.
Waitin till my time to go
My mind gone, I ride alone
...No I don't follow those.
Life all bout who make the most
So in that honor I take a toast
My girl ain't wait up she just took her clothes and carried on
I packed my bags, but lost my plans cause we spent very long.
I made it passed a few, there's obstacles from everyone.
You gotta choose which ones worth your time, the rest can move.
So we can live the life we prayin for.
Sometimes you gotta make a sacrifice to get what you was playin for.
How the hell you duplicate you stupid fake?
Finally came together, always knew that what I'd do was great
People doubt and people try to keep you down and beat your mind
And when you reach the other side them people want a piece yo pie
And that's just something I don't need to find when I pack my bags
Just doin what I have to to carry on

Track Name: [BONUS] WRCT 88.3 FM Freestyle 2011
The burgh comin and I am next fam
Bringin the storm like a X-Man
Magneto flow, ladies say I rap exc-llent.
Got goals to expand, highly evolved
Givin you Very Special VerSes from the Varsity Squad....
My book of rhymes like a novel works
Treasure chest of jewels every time I drop a bible verse
Well balanced meal like an apple perched
And for dessert I got a mouthful of words that worth,
about a millie if you feel me.
No Millie Vanillie's, you cats silly when you lip syncin.
Your ship sinkin.
You cats only spit bout smoke & drinkin,
Better expand your mind, can you stand through time?
We'll test it.
And if you wack, find the exit.
They underestimated and I could have guessed it.
They ain't the next, kid.
I'm the next one who gets it.
Remember my name.
Remember my style, incredible sound the summer I came
Shout to every borough
I'm jumpin this heavy hurdle
Plastic bag green & purple like a ninja turtle
And I spit the fertile earth for the seeds
Sonnin everybody, said I'm birthin emcees
Pumpin cold blood, so it burst when I breath
Employees on my speed dial work for a fee now
And the buzz is turnin up now, we loud.
VS... We ain't gon bring you BS
Like we was born to do this music since we was a fetus
My feet up, I'm workin hard, now I'm finna feed up
Beat Bully on the mic how they beat up
All I gotta do is tell Vex to load the beat up
Jeez, shucks.
So amazed by the propaganda
Middle finger to the cops, give em proper slander
I'm makin noise Switzerland to Hot-Lanta
It's cause I'm hot when I rock grammar
Switch your style up
Took mines, and shaved it off the top like nail filers
You ain't fly, you the foulest.
Break it down to molecules and ounces
And I can show you what the bounce is, cmon, bounce.