[BONUS] WRCT 88​.​3 FM Freestyle 2011

from by Beedie



The burgh comin and I am next fam
Bringin the storm like a X-Man
Magneto flow, ladies say I rap exc-llent.
Got goals to expand, highly evolved
Givin you Very Special VerSes from the Varsity Squad....
My book of rhymes like a novel works
Treasure chest of jewels every time I drop a bible verse
Well balanced meal like an apple perched
And for dessert I got a mouthful of words that worth,
about a millie if you feel me.
No Millie Vanillie's, you cats silly when you lip syncin.
Your ship sinkin.
You cats only spit bout smoke & drinkin,
Better expand your mind, can you stand through time?
We'll test it.
And if you wack, find the exit.
They underestimated and I could have guessed it.
They ain't the next, kid.
I'm the next one who gets it.
Remember my name.
Remember my style, incredible sound the summer I came
Shout to every borough
I'm jumpin this heavy hurdle
Plastic bag green & purple like a ninja turtle
And I spit the fertile earth for the seeds
Sonnin everybody, said I'm birthin emcees
Pumpin cold blood, so it burst when I breath
Employees on my speed dial work for a fee now
And the buzz is turnin up now, we loud.
VS... We ain't gon bring you BS
Like we was born to do this music since we was a fetus
My feet up, I'm workin hard, now I'm finna feed up
Beat Bully on the mic how they beat up
All I gotta do is tell Vex to load the beat up
Jeez, shucks.
So amazed by the propaganda
Middle finger to the cops, give em proper slander
I'm makin noise Switzerland to Hot-Lanta
It's cause I'm hot when I rock grammar
Switch your style up
Took mines, and shaved it off the top like nail filers
You ain't fly, you the foulest.
Break it down to molecules and ounces
And I can show you what the bounce is, cmon, bounce.


from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



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