Dream About (California) (prod. Git Beats)

from by Beedie



It's like the type of place I dream about
Pittsburgh to California, I'ma take the scenic route
Come see what the scene about
Until they fly me on a plane out to LA...

I know you wanna see me fallin, but you gotta see we polished
And we shine without a tarnish
By far, I've gone the farthest
But I never made it out to California,
Everyone can dream like they seen it right before ya
But if you leave today then are your peoples gonna mourn ya
Blowin out the steam while we smokin California.. wha...
Nice weather, cool breeze.
Man my city seem like the polar opposite to me...
Dreams; It's what I got.
Plus a couple shots to get to a place where I will never need no winter socks
Until they fly me on a plane out to LA, aye.
Elevated from the hell that they held me
I can brainstorm with no rain storms
I said I wanna see sunny weather southern California
PGH is where I grew up
NY is where I was born bruh
Never been on tour yet, but I can dream more
For the level of determination
And you already know I'm sick, watch me germ the nation
check out my germination.
I can grow better underneath the sun
Plus I need dry cement to concrete funds, and permanate them.
Catchin soundwaves, feel like I could surf the nation.
And end up in California
Mozart sheet music, that's where I was torn from
Shush now, hold up... I think I hear a storm comin


from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



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