Magic Spaceship (feat. B. White & Sean Price) (prod. Git Beats)

from by Beedie



BEEDIE (verse):
Fuck with my synopsis
I'ma cross between a monster and a rasta
On my counterculture, burnin down a pound of doja
I been around the vultures every step I travel far
And it ain't help they figured out my bad habits are
They wanna call police, please get off my balls at least
Grindin out thru all these weeks
Never fold, ain't got a crease yet
Created something outta nothing, gon increase that
And if tonight I set my goals I'm gon reach it
Underground but still I cover grounds
Castin shadows on you little leaguers
Seem it aint worth half the hassle
You in a cast, no cash flow, Broke
I bash the glass though
The breakthrough artist
Paintbrush, I'm now Picasso
And uh…
The Zag blown and the bag is gone
Kill and stash, so the lab is like the catacombs
Outer space spacious
Git diggin in the crates
You know the ghost from the basement
Overdose from the dope, it's basic…
My spaceship…
Thank you Basement Ghost
It's Beedie. Fuck wit me. Git


from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



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