Pack My Bags (prod. ID Labs)

from by Beedie



I packed my bags, said I gots to go
(I'm on the road...)
But I... Why I keep runnin on the obstacles?
(But I know...) I put the music on a fade away
The only thing I know that always taked the pain away
And ain't it funny that they always say there ain't a way?
We keep on runnin along
And I'm gone
And I'm gone

Verse 1:
Jump over these obstacles
Pack my bags, I'm on the road
I gots to go for my income
Lose some, I win some
Up till now I been cautious
Tryna step up the progress
Understand what the cost is
I'm tellin yall this a process
I be ridin, findin coverage
Baggage packed by my luggage
Tell em that what don't kill me, I'm stronger
I overcome it
Feelin pressure from angles,
From my head to my ankles
Feel a shock to my heart
Like I'm hooked up to jumper cables now
I got these crazy thoughts
I'm finna paint em out
I swear I paid the cost
I need no pain allowed
That's why I popped a feelin
I'm hoppin off the ceilin
That keep me high until we find these obstacles and villains
I'm just knee high but finna rise, watch me in my eyes
I said I'm goin for the prize, knowin it's my time
With all this baggage said I'm trippin
Find me on the other side from where you bitchin
My own vision. Uh!


Verse 2:
Jump over these obstacles
Travel on these rocky roads
To the bottom, I been awfully low.
Waitin till my time to go
My mind gone, I ride alone
...No I don't follow those.
Life all bout who make the most
So in that honor I take a toast
My girl ain't wait up she just took her clothes and carried on
I packed my bags, but lost my plans cause we spent very long.
I made it passed a few, there's obstacles from everyone.
You gotta choose which ones worth your time, the rest can move.
So we can live the life we prayin for.
Sometimes you gotta make a sacrifice to get what you was playin for.
How the hell you duplicate you stupid fake?
Finally came together, always knew that what I'd do was great
People doubt and people try to keep you down and beat your mind
And when you reach the other side them people want a piece yo pie
And that's just something I don't need to find when I pack my bags
Just doin what I have to to carry on



from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


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