Pittsburgh Dreamin (feat. Blacksun) (prod. V. Kush)

from by Beedie



Verse 1 (Beedie)
Shouts to V Kush
Pittsburgh, baby. Let's do it.
Shit's real and I ain't 15 no more so I get busy.
Round the time piece flyin on the grind lookin grizzly.
And I ain't never home much, chick say she miss me
But I know she lie.
I'm tryna travel to Japan like konichiwa
My insides from all sides pullin me apart
This game is cutthroat, tell me why I need a heart?
And I ain't seen the finish yet, believe I seen the start.
Ready, mark, go.
I'll meet you there cus I ain't tryna move more slow.
It's slow motion for the last several years,
Now I'm feelin like I'm coastin.
And maybe one day, when we make it cross the ocean,
We can show it off
For now its 40 nights of pain, Noah's arc...
Look how I pack away and puff a L up
There's nothing you can tell us.
And if we under the ground, we finna bring this hell up
Pittsburgh dreamin, till I'm back to reality
The feelin's gon leave him.

Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Kush stay loud
And my swisher sweet steamin
Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Times still hard
But we made it through the season
Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Joints rolled up
And my swisher sweet steamin
Cause we just Pittsburgh dreamin
Till we back to reality...

Verse 2 (Blacksun)
Dig it.
I spit it for no reason, just somethin to do.
Do my dirt all by my lonely, don't run with a crew.
Just me myself and I-and-I, holy trinity
Presence stay heavy in every known vicinity
Something magical
Known to take long sabbaticals,
And reappear with the ear candy type radical,
brain food, with a side of fried rice
All the haters can't front or even lie yo, I'm nice, yo
Check out my melody, son.
It's so heavenly.
Take you back to Africa like Shaft in the 70's, kid
I work hard but I can take a day off
Cause cats is dissapointin like Lebron in the playoffs
Your D can't contain me. I'm gonna get the J off
Then wink at the camera when I swish for the payoff.
Money shot. The bars that sunny got,
Could make Winnie the Pooh put down the honey pot
Like that



from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



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