Still Work (prod. Buckwild) (cuts by DJ Vex)

from by Beedie



Picture a young me, 20 times more hungry
9 to 5 swag, was rappin but wasn't tongue deep
95 jobs in 4 years, my god
Still 86'd it
I walk to my own drumbeats
No days off, now that's real work
Homie got it 40 a quarter?
That ain't real purp
Hands with the callus, just a feature
Was beggin Buscrates for a beat when we was flippin pizzas
Me and Bill turnin wheels, it's a carpool
At the time, Carter 2 what we sparked to
Off a fresh 28, so I spark 2
Then my thoughts animate like a cartoon
On my J-O-.... bout that payroll... Since a day old.
Even back on my younger shit I done hustled play dough
Angel with no halo
Check the table of contents, I'm on the table
I know that they know...

When I was cookin up at Walnut Grille
Me and Geez spittin frees, bustin all them skills
Was 18 at the bar free, all them thrills
Man them things that we do for them dollar bills
Ayo, Cappy's was ass cheeks
Smell like they had athlete's foot inside they hamburger patties
Skippin work in the back alley
Bowl hits ferocious.
Keep it low, it's a public place so focus.
Worked with Oyo at Chipotle
Boss heard my rap CD, I'm like "no way Jose..."
Now he expect me to be late every day.
How could you blame him?
I smelled like piff every pay day.
What could I say to him
Traffic out the ass, and it's rainin.
Better of delivery drivin for the payment...
So I'm droppin off that General Tso's...
But I'm blunt cruisin and scribblin flows....

This the shit that make my villains wanna feel worse
I hurt they feelins but cut the achilles heel first
Dropped my iPhone twice but it still work
And yea I quit my old jobs but I still work
Cept I feel like I'm movin towards real worth
Fuck a dollar bill, fuck a dollar bill, word!
.... As long as we ballin,
Another thing that we don't have to worry bout it starvin.
Don't criticize if I'm hypocritical / out the margain,
I'm just chargin for my jargon
Make a livin off my art & I'm gone.
My time to shine like dawn,
Get home pissy 4 in the morn, and piss on ya lawn.
Cause I'm goin full speed
Got that paper on my back, so I'm feelin so free
Rich feathers
I been grindin heavy, still been low key.
And now ya whole neighborhood finna know me


from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



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