Tidal Waves (feat. Chevy Woods) (prod. DJ Huggy)

from by Beedie



Well I ain't gotta tell you who the baddest
Bars constantly savage
Mind up on my cabbage
I'm tryin, feel I'm outstandin
I'm standed feet planted, back against the wall lookin candid
Uncanny skills for the deals
Long nights gimme the chills
I said before I'm gon rock it till the wheels is off
Catch a vision of me smirkin while I'm peelin off
So ill I cough boss, let my linen floss
Spit venom, my denim more raw than yall be on.
Always thinkin unconventional
Got the ideas up in the envelope
Yall just pretentious though.
I'm the business
Showin my ass, tell em to kiss this
Goin for the tip of the list, watchin em miss, miss
Seein smiles turn to frowns, lookin all across
For the sake they lost, dogs tryna break me off...

The loose cannon with the safety off
I just wanna jam, don't make me...
I think these chumps wanna take me out
Stop my shine and break me...
What you want
I'm gon push to the front
Tidal waves wanna wipe me out

Antisocial, bi-coastal
It seems I got it
For sober dreams need the chronic, oxymoronic
Keep your comments I'm just bein honest
Feel like I'm leadin all this, just call me Leonidis
It's me against the world, somethin that I been sure
Strength like my limbs curl, this life nothin insured
Car been to the impound. Not quite what I preferred
Found me with the herb and now them fuckers got my picture
....Been labeled as a pitcher.
I ain't tryna open up that door, just read the sign [DO NOT DISTURB]
Gimme the title of that wavy baby, I'll be straivy
Fight until the death if any tidal wave will take me...


from B​-​$​ide$ Vol. 1: Lo​$​t Dream$, released January 19, 2016



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